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January 22, 2017
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Do YOU Know if Your Favorite Nabisco
Products are MADE IN MEXICO?

Nabisco/Mondelez has plants in Monterrey and Salinas, Mexico where low-wage workers, in workplaces with lax regulatory standards, are producing Nabisco products. Make sure your family only purchases Nabisco snacks made by your fellow American workers.

2017 Standard Mileage Rate

The 2017 standard mileage rate set by the Internal Revenue Service will be 53.5 cents per mile, effective January 1, 2017. Please use this rate when calculating mileage reimbursement on expense reports for 2017.

National Negotiations Update

The Rail Labor’s Coordinated Bargaining Group applied to the National Mediation Board requesting a federal mediator to assist with negotiations.

Holiday Table — Do Buy

Thanksgiving is a special holiday that brings together friends and family. Celebrate your union family by purchasing union-made products for your Thanksgiving meal.

Veterans Day 2016

Veterans Day is an opportunity to reflect on the immeasurable sacrifices made by our nation's heroes, all in the name of protecting their country, and their fellow Americans. We all owe them an extraordinary debt of gratitude.

Right-to-Work Amendments and Your Vote

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

While there has been much attention given to the upcoming presidential election taking place on November 8, 2016, a quiet and dangerous issue is on the ballot in two states, Virginia and Alabama, and will likely be affected by the outcome of the governor’s races in Missouri and Montana. This important issue is “right-to-work.

Union Plus Offers Help for Those Impacted
by Floods in North Carolina

Union Plus Offers Help for Those Impacted by Floods in North Carolina. If you are a union member who participates in certain Union Plus programs and have been affected by the recent flooding in North Carolina, you may be eligible for financial assistance through the Union Plus Disaster Relief Grant program1.

From the BRS President

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I have struggled to narrow my comments this quarter to one topic, as there are many important issues to address with our members, but two stand out the most: as Signalmen, certification of our craft is important to our future and the safety of the Rail industry; additionally, as a proud trade unionist, there is no topic more ominous than the Presidential election on November 8. The impact of this election, more than any in recent memory, will have a lasting impact on my future, your future, and generations to come. There are many issues to consider when voting, and I want to address only a few that will directly affect your future.
Download: Democratic Summary_Pages_32-34.pdf , Republican Summary_Pages_33-34.pdf

Union Plus and the
Union Plus Credit Card Program 30th Anniversary

In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Union Plus and the Union Plus Credit Card program Capital One has planned a substantial Sweepstakes campaign around rewarding the approximately one million cardholders and members of unions that participate in the card program.

She Will Fix It

The website

Features a series of videos outlining the stark differences between Trump and Clinton on transportation infrastructure as a whole, as well as the differences between their views on mass transit, passenger rail, port and maritime sectors and Norwegian Air International.

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